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The Flagstaff Group

Waterloo, NSW

2016 Regional Winner - Excellence in Sustainability

About The Flagstaff Group

The Flagstaff Group was formed in 1966 to provide employment for people with a disability.  Currently the group employs over 350 people, of whom 275 are people with disabilities.

The Group owns and manages different business operations including light engineering, commercial laundry, paper, cardboard and plastic recycling, coffee roasting, packaging and distribution and corporate catering.

In the last 12 months Flagstaff has recycled approximately 327 tonnes of plastic with an average of 15,700 tonnes of paper and cardboard recycled.

Their glove recycling process involves the collection and laundering of 12,000 kg of glove waste per year allowing gloves to be reused up to five times.

Flagstaff encourages and engages staff, suppliers and other partners who have similar environmental philosophies.

More nformation about The Flagstaff Group can be found on their website -