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aussieBum in an Australian owned and operated menswear designer, manufacturer and online retailer and exporter. aussieBum has a unique agility in built to the business model.

This is afforded by a vertical ownership of the entire process of taking a product to a global market from manufacturing locally in Australia to keeping creative and technology processes in house, to owning the retail process via our online store, and distribution with a fulfilment capacity handling thousands of orders daily.

aussieBum continues to show strong profit growth year on year and in 2016 broke a company record of trading over $1m in 72 hours, resulting in the highest net profit weekend in company history.

The company’s strategy has focussed primarily on innovation in terms of product design, marketing and e-commerce trading and secondly on disrupting the market thorough pricing strategy. In the last 24 months the company has focussed on growing emerging markets and opening up new sales channels such as and Amazon.

More information about aussieBum can be found on their website -