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Mowbray Park FarmStay

2017 Regional Winner - Excellence in Sustainability

Mowbray Park FarmStay is an 82-hectare property dating back to 1822 and is located 90 minutes southwest of Sydney.

Their sustainability initiatives include releasing tank-bred Bass fish to be released into the creeks that run throughout the property to improve water quality. Their onsite Bio-Fuel Manufacturing Plant converts used cooking oil into combustible fuels for diesel engines. 

Mowbray Park has replaced all lights with energy saving bulbs, fluorescent tubes and sensor lights. They have installed and use a low pressure, low energy irrigator for dispersal of all grey water on the property ensuring paddocks still support livestock during dry periods. 

Their three portable chicken houses offer aeration and organic matter benefits to the soil as the chicken forage on the ground.  Mowbray Park FarmStay feeds over 20,000 visitors annually and all beef and lamb raised on the farm are of organic standards. 

They use a local Abbattoirs for slaughter, a local butcher for packing and source their milk, fruit and vegetables locally as well.

More information about Mowbray Park FarmStay can be found on their website -