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The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce

2017 Regional Winner - Local Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce is an organisation made up of local business identities that meet once a month to discuss issues that are happening within the immediate Narellan areas of business and to voice concerns regarding proposals in the economic climate within the Narellan region. 

In the last financial year, membership grew 116% to 240 people. The Chamber is working on making its website mobile responsive to offer additional value to its members and sponsors. 

One of their key initiatives is implementing the registration of other Business Chamber names which will help capture the rapid expansion and growth in the Camden LGA. 

Through the overwhelming success of its sponsorship packages and the calibre of speakers it brings to its members, the Chamber has been able to inject $30,000 back to its members in the last two years via sponsorship and just over $20,000 back through donations.

More information about The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce can be found on their website -