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Edward Staughton, Cool Off

Howlong, NSW

2016 State Winner - Young Entrepreneur

Edward is Managing Director of Cool Off, a collector and processor of pet food offal and today is Australia’s primary supplier of pet food raw material to major food pet processors around the world. 
Edward has increased total business turnover from $5 million to $40 million in eight years with forecasted revenue of $60 million in 2017. 
Employee numbers have grown to over 100 full time staff with over 250 people working on the site (including contractors). Edward plans to launch the business to further expansion, with a three year forecast to triple revenue.
“It is extremely exciting to win the award.  Its an industry that’s not always glamourous but we’ve got some amazing opportunities to grow and build Australian quality products overseas”, said Edward Staughton.

More information about Cool Off can be found on their website -