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About TPG Telecom

We’ve come a long way since we started operating back in 1986.  Right from the start, we firmly believed in developing infrastructure assets and the right business solutions, and over time we steadily grew in size and capability through strategic acquisitions and large investments to our network.
We’ve always live by our philosophy.  To take the time to understand your business requirements, to continue to innovative and develop cost effective solutions and to always provide a superior level of service.  With this philosophy at heart, we’ve become one of Australia’s largest telecommunication providers; delivering Data, Internet, Voice and Cloud products for Business, Enterprise and Government and Wholesale partners.
And with owning and operating one of Australia’s largest, most advanced national networks, means we can be strategic in planning and nimble in execution, passing considerable value to our customers. 
We’re for business.
To find out more about our products and services call us on 13 42 02 or visit